CIT Foundation


Image from Landport Community Centre

There are many pathways to help one gain a place at university.  One of those pathways is a Foundation course. At Bellerbys College, foundation’s final marks not only consist of exam marks but also coursework marks.

Coursework can be considered as an exam because it accounts for roughly 10% or more of final mark. However, as students can prepare for the coursework at home, some may regard coursework as a piece of homework. Nevertheless, each subject has different way to assess coursework mark.

CIT marks are all from coursework so for CIT, coursework marks are very important. Though, CIT’s coursework can be done at home, students also need to put great effort to get the highest possible mark in order to boost their grades up. On the other hand, for other subjects such as Economics and Business, coursework only accounts for 10% of the final mark. Therefore, the coursework for these subjects are different. The coursework will usually be an essay which will be written in class. Additionally, students have chance to prepare for their notes and essay at home such as finding the correct information or data so the task is much easier. English also has coursework but there are various types of coursework a student has to complete such as listening, taking notes, debating. Sometimes, students are overloaded with the coursework.