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Getting into a good University is an ultimate dream of almost every student. To get in to a British university, pupils often choose to do A-levels. However, after 2 terms of A-levels, I found out that it was not suitable for me and in fact doing A-levels was my parents’ choices not mine. I had to persuade my parents to let me change to Foundation. I study Business Foundation as I want to study Accounting and Management in University. The business foundation course consists of six main subjects: Economics, Business Studies, Accounts, CIT, Maths and English. Although I have learned English before, English taught in Foundation is a whole different thing. We have to do coursework a lot, and there was only one proper Exam in term 1. So the English marks are mainly based on coursework.

Initially, I wanted to study Business Foundation because I thought it would be better to study something that was close to the university’s curriculum. As being an international student, I think University would be harder if you did not know the core concepts. On the other hand, I am not very keen on doing English coursework. There is a lot of coursework need to be done and it can be very stressful when I had to do coursework and other subject’s test at the same time.