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Foundation Experience

Choosing to study abroad was a surprise to my parents and friends. Nobody thought that I would decide to study in another country. Personally, I cannot understand myself either. Perhaps it was because I was totally in love with the UK when I went on summer camp. I was mostly attracted to Brighton as I thought it was a vibrant city with a lot of things to offer. I did some research and finally decided to choose Bellerbys as my new school. Bellerbys College is located in 4 different cities in the UK: Cambridge, Brighton, London and Oxford. Having mentioned that I really like Brighton, I chose Brighton campus. After that, I have to decide on which course to study. I chose Business Foundation because it was the most suitable one for me.


Bellerbys College Brighton- image from Bellerbys

Business Foundation is the course designed for students who wish to proceed into Business related degrees at University. Therefore, the course consists of Business Maths, Accounts, Economics, Business Studies, Foundation English Skills and CIT. All of the subjects are designed to equip students with the relevant knowledge required in University. Hence, this course will help students have a strong foundation for University.

Information on Business Foundation

As regards to Business Math, we have a chance to study many interesting topics such as differentiation, statistics. These subjects have enhanced my knowledge in Math. I now understand how to calculate standard derivation, mean. This will be very helpful for me as I will study Finance in University. On the other hand, Accounts was a whole new subject to me as I had never learnt it before. I found it very difficult to understand at first. I could not get used to the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement. However, with my teacher’s help, I managed to get better in the subject. I understand all the key concepts and know how to apply them into real life.

Turning to Economics which was another completely new subject to me, I had a chance to learn many new things. This subject is my favourite subject. I was very interested in the basic economic problem, supply and demand, price elasticity. Although at first I found some terms difficult to understand, I still like this subject. On the other side, Business Studies is somehow linked to Economics. Thus, the subject became very clear to understand when you know the economic concepts well. Nevertheless, Business Studies required us to know the basic concepts of finances so it was a bit challenging.

With respect to Foundation English Skills, this subject was the only subject we had to learn throughout the school year. We learnt synthesis, taking notes, listening and reading skills. These are all essential skills for University because we are international students. Learning English also helped us understand other subjects better. For CIT, we learnt many things such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Words and Blogs. It is very useful to have CIT as a core module in Business Foundation as most of the business courses require students knowing the basics of information technology. Although the knowledge we gained from Foundation’s CIT is pretty simple, I believe it will help me build a strong foundation for University.

Regarding the social aspect, I have made many new friends. Foundation is different from A-level, we had to study as a class so we got chances to meet our classmates every period. Therefore, we have formed a very strong relationship. Most of my friends from S_BUS_C are Chinese. They are all very friendly and cheerful. I really like being around them. They are also very smart and hard-working which gave me motivation to work harder. Generally, I really enjoy being a student of S_BUS_C class.


English Foundation



Image from Macmillan Dictionary Blog

Getting into a good University is an ultimate dream of almost every student. To get in to a British university, pupils often choose to do A-levels. However, after 2 terms of A-levels, I found out that it was not suitable for me and in fact doing A-levels was my parents’ choices not mine. I had to persuade my parents to let me change to Foundation. I study Business Foundation as I want to study Accounting and Management in University. The business foundation course consists of six main subjects: Economics, Business Studies, Accounts, CIT, Maths and English. Although I have learned English before, English taught in Foundation is a whole different thing. We have to do coursework a lot, and there was only one proper Exam in term 1. So the English marks are mainly based on coursework.

Initially, I wanted to study Business Foundation because I thought it would be better to study something that was close to the university’s curriculum. As being an international student, I think University would be harder if you did not know the core concepts. On the other hand, I am not very keen on doing English coursework. There is a lot of coursework need to be done and it can be very stressful when I had to do coursework and other subject’s test at the same time.


My Easter Holiday

Most of the students in the UK enjoy a 2-week break after their spring term. However, at Bellerbys College, we were allowed three weeks since we finished our exams one week earlier. Therefore, I had a lot of time to rest after studying for a long term and travel around. Additionally, I also spent the last week of holiday to get ready for this summer term.

On the first day of my holiday, I allowed myself to stay up until 3 in the morning. I had not woken up until 11, I then laid in bed for another hour to enjoy a good book. After that, I spent time eating breakfast and drinking tea. The sun was shining on that day but because I decided the first day is only for resting, I stayed in the house. Having said that, all of my activities in the first day were all about enjoying myself. The Hunger Games (film series) are my favourite movies so I watched the two movies again on that day. After finishing the movies, it was about 4 in the afternoon which is about 10 in the evening in Vietnam so I went on Skype and talk to my friend. She told me that because this year is the last year of high school, everyone in my class becomes very productive to class activities and they have a lot of memories. At that instant, I really wish I could come back home. At around 7, I had dinner with my host family and as my host mother was going away to America for the holiday, I sent her some goodbye kisses. I read the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy before falling asleep.



Image from Inciting A Riot

My friend came and visited me at the weekend. She is my friend from high school and now she is currently studying in Chichester. Since both of us have not been to Seven Sisters, we decided to take a trip from Brighton to the place. It took us more than an hour to arrive at the Seven Sisters Sheep centre. There was a bottle- feeding session and the stage where the lambs would be fed, was overcrowded. We were very excited and really want to try feeding the lambs but there was a long queue of toddlers and kids. We gave up waiting and stood aside to take some video and pictures of the lambs. Me and my friend then went around the centre, took loads of pictures with the sheep before heading back to Seven Sisters.

IMG_3163 IMG_3171


I can’t get enough of the sheeps


After another 10 minutes on the bus, we arrived at the site. We had to walk for another 15 minutes along the beach trail to get near to the cliffs. The scene is marvellous, the sun was shining and the air was so fresh. We sat down by the shore, spent some time chatting and then go back to Brighton.

IMG_9046 IMG_9050

For me, those are the most noticeable day of my holiday. Now I’m looking forward to going back to Vietnam this summer holiday to meet my friends and family gain.