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Durham Castle

Durham University- image from The Telegraph

There are many important stages in one’s life such as when they first learnt how to walk, when they first went to school. To me, one of the most memorable moments of my life is when I started thinking about higher education.

Initially, I have never thought of studying abroad so I was only choosing between Vietnamese universities. I was not very aware of the variety of courses available back then and thought that Business Administration and Accounting are pretty much the same. Having said that, I was thinking of studying Business Administration. However, after I went to the summer camp in the UK, I changed my mind to study in the UK. I still remembered the day when I first spoke to my parent about my plan. They were not very supportive because their plan was to send me to America to study like my older sister. After many weeks of persuasion, they finally agree and I started my life as an international student in the UK.

It was until I study in the UK that I understand Business Studies and Accounting are two different concepts because in Vietnam, we do not have these subjects in our curriculum. After one term of studying both Accounting and Business Studies, I decided to study Accounting at university. However, I was overwhelmed by the number of courses available for Accounting such as Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Management, Accounting,.. I then had to narrow down my university choice first because I think it would be easier to search for a course. After choosing the university I may want to study, I then search for what options each university has. I also asked my dad for his advices because he is working in the Accountancy area. He advised me that if I want an easier life, I should choose Accounting and Management instead of Accounting and Finance. On the other hand, my dream is to open a company, thus I think Management is better for me comparing with Finance. So, I finally apply for Accounting and Management at all of the five universities.