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Le Hong Phong Flashmob

At my high school, it is a tradition for seniors to take part in the flashmob. The dance changes every year and the participants are all from grade 12 ( Senior Year). The flashmob often occurs in the last week of school, before the 12th-graders are off to revise for their University Examinations.

This is this year’s flashmob (I would have been in this if I had stayed at home :D)

And this is the first year’s flashmob. I think this one is the best one so far. You can see the music went off in the middle of the clip because the principal did not allowed them to do it that year. However, it has now became a tradition somehow.



Summer Fun

Summer is obviously the best time of the year. I am even more excited for the summer as I have not been home for 5 months.

I have started counting down to summer since April and as it gets nearer and nearer, I become kind of crazy.

The things that excite me the most are the beaches. Whenever I come back home, my parents will let me go to the beach. Although they were not long trips because my dad was busy, I still enjoyed it. Honestly, I don’t know how to swim ( I have been trying to learn to swim for the last 4 years but I failed), but that does not affect my love for beaches. I enjoy the sun, the sand, the waves and of course the seafood. Here are some pictures of the seafood.




They were all very fresh and the taste was amazing.

As mentioned before, I enjoy going to the beaches not only because of food. It is also because of the scenery and basically everything there that captivate me. Additionally, it is kind of a tradition of my family to go on a holiday with all of my relatives from my mom’s side. So it is very fun too as I get to see all of my cousins and spend time with them. Here are some photos of last year trip




I am very looking forward to my summer holiday 😀


My High School

If you ask me what has been the proudest moment of my life so far, I will say it was when I found out I got into my high school.

My high school is Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted- school to two former presidents of my country. It is one of the oldest schools in my city so it is very beautiful in a classic way. Here is a corner of the school! It may look quite simple because they have not done anything to it since 1928 (only repaint it).



It had always been my dream school since I started to work to get into high school. In order to gain a place at the school, you will need to have been specialized in at least one subject and you have to be very passionate about that subject. For me, it was English. I started to take things seriously in the summer of grade 8 to grade 9. I remembered studying everyday in the summer heat and it was just so fierce. However, you also have to be good at Maths, Vietnamese, and the normal English. I found Maths quite difficult than the other three. When I did the exam, I had a terrible mistake in Maths leading to 8,5 out of 10 and I thought I would failed. Nevertheless, the other two was good enough to gain me a place.

It was quite sad because I could not get into the class that specialized in English. It was 1000 applicants for 46 places and the English of the students from that class was amazing. I got into the normal class of the school. Here is another view of the school!


It was very hard to decide to study abroad because it just meant that I gave up on everything I worked for. However, now I think studying abroad is a wise choice as I don’t think I can compete against my classmates to get into a high- ranked Vietnamese university. Basically, I am certain that I’m not as smart as my classmates from my high school 😀

Anyway, it was my proudest achievment so far. I’m hoping to have some more memories that I can be proud of.

Click for information of my school on Wikipedia